ProcessPoint has built a reputation for retaining existing clients while continuing to attract new clients on a regular basis. We believe that our longstanding client relationships are built upon the three core principles behind everything we do: provide expert consulting, guarantee our services in writing and perform them in a manner that meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients. We're happy to say that nearly 20 percent of our customers have been doing business with us for 7 years or more.

What our clients are saying

quotation_mark_openingProcessPoint is consultative by nature and a phenominal resource with vast information... We enjoy the best processing costs out there, nobody can beat it... The online reporting tool is an absolute joy... ProcessPoint consultants are PCI frontrunners...quotation_mark_closing
E-Commerce, Retail Company, 212 US locations

quotation_mark_openingNo one else is going to answer their cell phone at 7:30 pm on a Friday night!quotation_mark_closing
Restaurant owner, Seattle, WA

quotation_mark_openingIt has been our pleasure to have met and currently be working with ProcessPoint... We have been completely satisfied with our ProcessPoint relationship in all aspects.quotation_mark_closing
Retail Owner, Leavenworth, WA

quotation_mark_openingKelly, I have discovered the issues related to this security fraud and the problem has been rectified... Thank you for all your help and for bringing this serious issue to my attention...quotation_mark_closing
E-Commerce, Bellevue WA

quotation_mark_openingKelly, I truly appreciate the commitment to fairness that this gesture displays. I have on many occasions expressed to both you and Joe that the service that is provided by the two of you is exceptional. I know that mistakes happen, we are all human, but it is the way that the customer is dealt with, the follow-up, and the sense of fairness that sets your company apart.
...is a growing company and looks forward to a long and prosperous relationship.quotation_mark_closing
6 year hotel client, Albuquerque, NM

quotation_mark_openingIt's like I have my own personal merchant service consultant.quotation_mark_closing
Private school, Seattle, WA

quotation_mark_openingYou're a lot more than a vendor, you're a friend now.quotation_mark_closing
Restaurant owner, Seattle, WA

quotation_mark_openingThe training was a 9 on a scale of 10... I didn't know anything to start, but it was crazy how easy you made it.quotation_mark_closing
Discount Club, Kirkland, WA

quotation_mark_openingWe recently converted all 12 of our corporate owned locations... Joe made the conversion of all the properties as seamless as possible and when we encountered a couple of minor problems Joe and his staff was more than willing to correct the problem quickly.quotation_mark_closing
Kevin Howell (Executive VP), National 9 Inns, UT

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